Below are some tips which we hope you will find helpful.

Emergency Exit

Whenever you visit a building you don't know, determine how you will exit the building in the event of an emergency. Don't simply go back the way you entered, go to the nearest available exit. Keep safe.

Think Security

How easy would it be for someone to access or remove items? Do you leave climbing aids that are easy to use? Do you leave items visible in the car?

Managing Utilities

Take meter readings and check bills. Review your consumption to ensure it's correct. You may be losing water through leakage or wasting electricity and gas.

Fire Alarm Testing

It's good business practice to sound the fire alarms on a weekly basis to ensure people can hear it. If they can't, they must contact you to get the system checked.

Visiting a Vacant Building on Your Own?

Advise someone before you enter and after you exit, so they know you’re safe.